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Battle Camel: The Search for Antarrah is a fast paced light hearted game about a camel and the man she loved. Some co-workers and I founded an indie troup, Jibberish Games to keep us fresh and new ideas flowing. We entered the Kill Screen Daily Ouya game jam and Battle Camel was our entry.

Game Synopsis

Christina Camelot is the most famous Camel in all of Arabia. Winning prize titles in the past 3 years high stakes Camel Races made her worth a lot of money. Prince Samir, a greedy and deceitful piece of royal dung, has a growing fortune from various back-market endeavours. He had no problems spilling the blood of peasants if it meant one more gold trinket in his collection.

Players navigate Christina the camel through a series of lush environments in search of her true love and rider. The Search for Antarah presents dastardly villains with tongue in cheek humor including sandstorms, an undead army, sitar playing baddies, scimitar henchmen, and a possessed statue of Anubis to name a few. Release “Camel Rage” at blinding speeds and take out many enemies at once. This playful and perspective bending adventure mixes the deductive reasoning of environmental puzzle games with the quick reflexes required of a great platformer.

Learning Points

  • The importance of Time Management
  • Reusing assets in different ways
  • Unity Terrain is a pain, but plug-ins can save the day
  • Team Communication is essential


Story Design, Game Mechanics, Content Design, Level Design, UI Design