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1 Yr

EFM assesses fetal tracing skills of OB/GYN Physicians. The game tests the players ability to identify signs on a fetal tracing strip over an eight hour delivery period and provides valuable feedback on the player's performance.



Partnering with Washington Hospital Center's head of Obstetrics, Dr. Tamika Auguste my team created an interactive experience that is typically taught through memorization and role playing exercises in a simulation lab. The project has been awarded an AHRQ grant and is currently being studied to determine its efficacy, using traditional training methods as a comparison. The results will be used to further develop the game to expand to training for Nurses and Midwives.

Game Synopsis

EFM begins by presenting the player with an expectant mother of 38 weeks with no prenatal care. The mother is an at risk pregnant teen showing signs of a potential fatal disease, pre-eclampsia. It is up to the player to safely diagnose and treat the patient and guide her through her first pregnancy.

Learning Points

  • Developed skills extracting critical info from Subject Matter Experts
  • Unity Scripting via Custom XML system
  • Porting to Android
  • Assessment Metrics


Game Mechanics, Content Design, Dialogue Writing, Audio, Research