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First Person Puzzler

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Maxwell's Demon is a 3D first-person puzzle game that allows the user to manipulate the environment, using a brain computer interface (BCI) device to clear hazardous rooms.



Besides an entertaining new way to play video games, this project served as meaningful research into the future possibilities of BCI based gaming. Our group proposed three questions to study:

(a) Can a BCI device be effectively implemented as an active input device in gaming? 
(b) Do auditory and visual distractions effect BCI communication?
(c) Can a BCI device dectect frustration levels? 

With the help of our team's lead programmer, I developed a Flash application that would allow researchers to use our game and catalog levels of concentration side by side with gameplay footage.

Game Synopsis

Harnessing the power of BCI devices, the user is able to position floor tiles to form his or her path, using levels of concentration. The main objective being to get from the room's entrance to the exit without being harmed by the environment or losing control (measured in concentration) of the platforms.

MD was so well received that the Digini, Inc., creator of the Blade3D Engine invited our group out to the Game Developer's Conference in San Francisco. We proudly displayed our game in the Blade3D booth and I gave two information sessions that explained developing a BCI game.

Learning Points

  • A Team is only as good as its leader
  • I should have bought stock in Monster Energy Drink
  • Blade3D was a poorly constructed game engine
  • Normal maps go a long way


Game Mechanics, Level Design, Modeling, Animation, Lighting, Research