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Emergency Medical Virtual Training

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Trauma: Life Line teaches third and fourth year Emergency Medicine Residents what its like to command a traumatic injury team before being exposed to live patients.



By partnering with Dr. Jack Sava, Director of Trauma at Washington Hospital Center, and Semantic Medical Systems, my team at SiTEL has created one of the most advanced virtual trauma training simulations to date. Integrating voice recognition software, the Unity3D game engine, and Advanced Trauma Life Support protocols, MedStar Health is able to provide additional training to newly certified residents, before a potentially life threatening case is put into their hands.

Game Synopsis

As "Code Captain" of the Trauma team, the player is tasked with making all of the tough calls. Blindly, a "code yellow" is called overhead and the player assembles their team. Each patient that is rolled through the doors or flown in via helicopter has a different life threatening injury. Utilizing a team of nurses, other residents, and equipment techs, the player needs to quickly discover the injury, manage vitals, and remember to follow ATLS protocols in order to keep the patient alive. The clock is ticking and you are their life line.

Trauma: Life Line is my team's most ambitious project to date. Featuring 4 unique traumatic injuries that represent the most commonly seen patients, coupled with dynamic events; every playthrough is a new experience. In reality, its the "Code Captain's" job to step back and assess the entire situation, make the tough calls, and lead their team. In Life Line we put the player through the paces. We believe when coupled with ATLS and in-lab training, our simulation will make better Residents.

Learning Points

  • Unity GUI System -> Custom GUI Editor
  • The impact of NavMesh on Level Design
  • Flowcharts and Photoshop are better than Word Docs
  • Spreadsheets can save your life (not literally)
  • Emergency Medicine is a complicated field


Game Mechanics, Content Design, Level Design, UI Design, Audio, QA, Research